Are We There Yet? Senior Year of College

It’s what we’ve been waiting for over the last three years. You’re almost there, but you have two more semesters. Hoping to not screw up. It’s an exciting feeling, yet a scary feeling. A feeling that has me like: “What the hell am I going to do when I graduate?” Better yet, “How am I going to pay my loans after I graduate?” Does anyone really know?

I am like most people, hoping to find a job as soon as I graduate. But who knows how well that will work out, because for most people it doesn’t. So I find myself asking…Are we there yet? Am I done with the long hours at the library cramming for midterms, finals, research papers, and whatever else the professors have up their sleeves? The hard work the past four years will finally be over, and I’ll earn my degree.

But then again, after you graduate is when adult life starts. No more partying every weekend, waking up wondering what the hell happened last night, or being with your roommates every chance you get. Come on, let’s be honest, college was the absolute best time of your life. Are we ready for adult life?

The answer is simply no. No one is ever ready for adult life, but we bear the burdens and become adults. Something I’m not too sure I am ready for. I am ready, however, to be done with all the schoolwork that college brings. Maybe getting a real job and making decent money won’t be all that bad.

I guess the long hours of studying will be worth it once we have a job we love doing.



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