Safety of an Urban Campus

There are many perks to living on an urban campus, but there are also a lot of downsides as well. Feeling safe on campus sometimes can be a problem.

Cleveland has been having a lot of problems with shootings the past month, and this time it was actually on Cleveland State’s campus. Aren’t we supposed to feel safe? That 20 bullets won’t be shot at an apartment building directly across campus? The simple answer is yes, but in reality no.

On Thursday morning around 2:30 AM 20 gunshots were shot at Langston apartment buildings on campus. One broke through a window. Luckily no one was hurt. The police haven’t found who shot at Langston, but hopefully they will.

Last week there was a shooting on East fourth. A popular place college kids go to for dinner and drinks. One person was killed and two were injured. This is just down the street from campus.

And there have been countless robberies on campus this semester, where students have been robbed at gunpoint.

Before this year I didn’t feel unsafe on campus. Of course there is always people asking you for money or what not walking to campus, but you get that living downtown. But I never felt that my life could be in danger walking on campus.

So, what’s the solution?

More cops patrolling? More security on campus?

They constantly tell you don’t walk alone, don’t walk in dark areas, be alert, don’t be on your cellphone. But it keeps happening. Students shouldn’t be afraid walking on campus. And something obviously has to happen to make Cleveland State students feel safe again.


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