10 Ways You Know You’re Unorganized

Sometimes you have so much going on that being organized is impossible, especially for us unorganized people. We don’t have our lives together, let alone our rooms or anything we touch. Sure some people might say, “Wouldn’t your life be a lot easier if you had a clean room?” Maybe, but imagine how much work that would be. We have a lot better things to do, like lie on the couch and watch Netflix for five hours straight.

1. You keep your clothes you just washed in a basket, on a chair, or anything, as long as they are not hanging in your closet. But hey at least you did your laundry…right?

2. It takes you 30 minutes to find something because your room is so messy it is impossible to find anything. And you’re friends keep telling you that you really need to clean your room. But you refuse to admit it’s messy.

3. You never make your bed, but when you do, you make sure it stays like that for at least a week.

4. When you try to clean your room, you have no idea where to start and become so worked up about it, you just leave it how it is.

5. Your friends constantly tell you that you need to get your life together.

6. When you sometimes skip a shower or two…

7. When you constantly wonder how your life became this messy, and your friends are always there to remind you.

8. You come up with the best excuses for your room being messy. And they actually make sense to you.

9. Cleaning is so much work that you would literally rather do anything but clean your room. Like sit…sitting is nice.

10. When you finally give up on getting your life together and continue going on about your life as if everything is OK.


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