5 Stages After A Breakup

I have learned through my experience of breakups that there are several stages you go through after the heartache. While it may be hard, these stages actually help you eventually move on. However, breakups suck. Plain and simple. And of course it won’t be easy. I have watched many of my friends go through these stages and even myself have been through all of these stages as well. We’ve all been there. Here are five stages you go through after a breakup.

Stage 1: Denial

Right after a relationship ends, it’s hard to truly accept that it’s over, especially since you spent so much of your time with them. It’s hard having a person that you talked to every day, told everything to, and loved to not be in your life anymore. Being in denial is perfectly fine after you get out of a relationship.

Stage 2: The get drunk and not leave your bed stage

You don’t want to leave your room. All you want to do is sit under your covers, drink a bottle of wine, and listen to depressing music. And of course, get your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Being sad after getting out of a relationship is perfectly normal.

Stage 3: The “I’m never getting in another relationship again” stage

We’ve all been there. After you get hurt, it’s hard to let someone in again. You claim that love doesn’t exist and people who are happy in relationships make you sick. It’s understandable to do this. You tell your friends that you don’t need a man to make you happy and all you need is your close friends.

Stage 4: The rebound stage

Getting out of a relationship sucks. You feel alone. You used to have someone to hang out with whenever you were bored, but now you don’t have that special someone to hang out with anymore. So, of course, it is only normal for us to jump into a relationship with someone else to feel the void of loneliness that you are experiencing.

Stage 5: The “I’m completely over him” stage…until you’re not

We all tell ourselves we are over someone when we aren’t. So, of course, we tell ourselves this and everyone around us that we are over that certain someone. Until you look at your old Instagram pictures or someone mentions his name, and you are back to square one and you might end up texting him when you are drunk one Saturday night and wake up Sunday morning wondering why the hell you texted him.


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