How My Heart Is Forever Left In Paris

This summer I was lucky enough to go to Paris, France. Since then I haven’t stopped thinking about the next time I will visit. Whenever I see anything with the Eiffel Tower on it or anything that says Paris on it I automatically buy it right away. My friends don’t even have to ask me what I want for Christmas now, they just know I will like anything that says Paris or has the Eiffel Tower on it.

Maybe it seems weird to you that I’ve become so obsessed with Paris, but Paris took my breath away and I wish I could relive my three days there. My heart will forever be left in Paris. It was the most breathtaking place I’ve been to and I am determined to go back. Traveling is obviously something I love to do, but Paris is already back on my bucket list. I could go on and on about what I loved about it. Paris was so Elegant. I didn’t get tried of looking at the Eiffel Tower. What I mean by that is I went to so many places this summer. I saw the colosseum, Barcelona, The Vatican, and so many more landmark places, but none of them can compare to how beautiful Paris was in my opinion. I probably could of sat on a bench in front of the Eiffel Tower with my journal and just wrote there all day. Taking in the beauty of the city and the people. Enjoying every last detail of the magnificent city.

I went to numerous landmark places over the summer, but Paris was my absolute favorite. I catch myself in class daydreaming about going back. I think I might require my future husband (whoever he may be) to purpose to me in front of the Eiffel Tower. That’s how obsessed I have become with Paris. I mean it is the City of Love…

What I loved most was Paris at night. It was the most romanic place I have ever been to. The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night, making Paris the most magical place. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as Paris.

I could go on and on about what I love about Paris..but I won’t bore you with anymore of my crazy obsession. I just hope everyone gets the chance to go to Paris, because it allowed me to open my eyes to something beautiful. It really was a once in a life time experience, but hopefully I will go back someday in the near future. I guess Audrey Hepburn was right. Paris is always a good idea. 


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