Pros and Cons of Being a Hopeless Romantic


I’m the type of person that loves love. I believe in fairytales. I believe that I  will one day have my happily ever after. I dream of the person I am some day going to spend the rest of my life with. I believe in passion and true love. I believe that “the one” is out there somewhere for me. When I fall in love I fall hard. I don’t want “puppy love”, I want the real thing. I want romance. I’m into all the cute stuff that one might say is cheesy. I am truly a hopeless romantic inside and out. The notebook still makes me cry every time I watch it. I want a love story like Noah and Allie. I want it all. I listen to love songs, and I think how this song will relate to my life someday, with the perfect guy. I’ve come to learn that there are pros and cons to being a hopeless romantic.

Here they are…


  1. You never give up on love. No matter what happens. No matter how many people break your heart, you keep on your search for love. I’ve had my heart broken more times than I can count, and yet I still believe in love and romance. I still believe I will find my true love someday. I think there is some beauty in this. Getting your heartbroken makes a lot of people not believe in love anymore, but for us hopeless romantics that isn’t the case.
  2. You always see the best in people. You look past all the bad things in people and always find the good. For most people it’s hard to see the good in people for various reasons. You’ve been hurt, cheated on, manipulated, etc., but for us hopeless romantics we look past all of this and we see the good in people. I’m not saying we ignore the bad things in people, because we see that too, but we don’t look past all the good things about someone just because we’ve been hurt in the past.
  3. You are passionate. You have a strong belief in love and you are passionate about it. You are driven to find love, romance, and everything in between. You may fall harder for people because of this, but that’s not a bad thing. Don’t ever apologize for being passionate about someone or about love. If they don’t understand your passion, then you already know they aren’t the one. On to the next one is what I always like to say.



  1. Love that was lost. There’s always the one who got away. That one person who you can’t stop thinking about, but sometimes timing gets in the way of things. Timing didn’t allow for you two to be together, but a hopeless romantic thinks that maybe in the future there is a chance that this person will come back to you.To me this is a con. Sometimes holding on to false hope makes it harder for you to move on, because there is always that ‘what if’ factor. How are you supposed to move on if you are still holding on to hope that your past relationship will eventually work itself out.
  2. Not everyone will treat you how you treat them. Not everyone is going to be a hopeless romantic like you. That’s ok. But what we must realize is some people won’t do for you as you would for them. The hopeless romantic in us wants flowers, candlelight dinners, etc., and some people just won’t understand your need for all of this and eventually won’t give you everything you want/need, and this can cause for you to be unhappy in your relationship.
  3. You fall too hard. You want love so badly that sometimes you fall too hard for people, when they don’t share that same feeling for you. There’s of course nothing wrong with falling head over heals for someone, but it doesn’t have to be every guy you go on a date with. You start talking to someone and you start picturing your life together..and then you realize that you’ve hung out with them one time. The hopeless romantic in us can’t help it. We so badly want to love and to be loved.


I am currently still waiting for my Prince Charming to sweep my off my feet.

xoxo Lo



One thought on “Pros and Cons of Being a Hopeless Romantic

  1. I too am a hopeless romantic who just got his heart broken. Could not help to do a google search on romantics and heart break and came across your blog. Reading your words helped me in strange kind of way. Even though I am hurting, I am more disappointed than anything; long story, but I still believe in love and still believe that I will find the one! Hope you do too.

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