Why Being Single During The Holidays Isn’t So Bad

Another year being single during the holidays. Instead of complaining about being single, let’s think about all the good things that come with being single. Of course there are times where I wish I was in a relationship, but that comes and goes pretty quickly. Let’s face it, sometimes being single really isn’t all that bad. Sure seeing couples doing romantic things together during the holidays can make you feel lonely, but there are some five perks to being single during the holidays.


  1. Family bonding. Being single means you can spend more time with your family and if your family is anything like mine than that’s a good thing. Being away at college means you don’t really spend as much time with your family as you would like to. If you’re in a relationship you have to split your time with their family and with your family, and that can be hard to do sometimes.
  2. More money for yourself. Maybe that sounds bad, but I usually give the best gifts ever and I end up spending a lot of money on my significant other. But if you’re single than that means more money for yourself! Who doesn’t love buying gifts for themselves?
  3. You can make your own plans. If you’re single you don’t have to worry about compromising your plans for your significant other. In my previous relationship I was willing to spend my Christmas in another country and not with my own family.
  4. No awkward family meet ups. One of the things I’ve hated most about being in a relationship over the holidays is that there’s always awkward meeting of family members of your significant other that you’ve never met before. No one likes small talk. It’s just awkward and uncomfortable.
  5. You can kiss whomever you like on New Years. Sure kissing your special someone when the clock strikes midnight may seem great, but I’ve had enough guys come and go that I’m happy with kissing the random hot guy that has been eyeing me all night.


I’m sure eventually I won’t be single during the holidays, but for now I have no problem enjoying the holidays by myself. Boys come and go, but my family and good friends are forever.



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