5 Things Every Over-thinker Can Relate To

One thing that I wish I could change about myself is how much I overthink everything. Once I start overthinking it’s almost impossible to stop. I don’t know why us over-thinkers overthink every last detail of everything we do. It’s something that we can’t help but do. I’ve noticed that there are some things that every over-thinker like myself can relate to.


  1. We don’t let go of things easily. If only it was that simple for us over-thinkers. We have to over analyze everything. As if thinking about the situation over and over again will change anything. It won’t, but yet we continuously replay the details of everything that happened in our head. We overthink. When there is no reason too. So it’s hard for us to let situations go or anything for that matter.
  2. We feel insecure when that might not be the case. We just overthink absolutely everything. Therefore we think of the worst situations that could possibly happen and end up freaking out on you when there was absolutely no need to. We don’t mean to come off as insecure, but our minds can’t help but overthink, and it leads us to the conclusion that maybe you didn’t come home because you’re cheating on us.
  3. When we apologize, we actually mean it. When a over-thinker apologizes to you they probably thought about the situation 100 times in their head and they are truly sorry. We won’t forget about the situation. It will end up keeping us up at night, because we feel so horrible about it.
  4. We second guess ourselves. Overthinking leads to second guessing ourselves. “Maybe that’s not what he/she meant or maybe it’s what he/she meant.” We think too much into things that we dig ourselves a hole, and ultimately don’t know what to think anymore.
  5. We take forever to reply to text messages. We have absolutely no clue what to say. We have probably rewrote it and deleted it 100 times now. And once we hit send we think to ourselves that we probably could of said something better then what we said, and we end up mad at ourselves. And we even replay the conversation over and over again in our heads, like that changes anything.


Us over-thinkers create problems that shouldn’t exist. 




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