My Must Do’s For 2016


I have posted my resolutions for 2016 and I have posted things I want to let go of for 2016, but I want to make a list of everything I want to accomplish or attempt to accomplish for the new year. Maybe I can cross some things off my bucket list for 2016.

These are my ‘Must do’s’ for the new year:

  1. Graduate college.
  2. Travel to two place I’ve never been before.
  3. Get an adult job (do I have to be an adult?).
  4. Make my blog more well known.
  5. Try a tea detox.
  6. Take piano lessons.
  7. Try to dress better in public. Aka not wearing leggings and a long shirt everyday.
  8. Workout at least three times a week and don’t give up on it.
  9. Do the color run.
  10. Eat healthier.
  11. Learn how to cook real adult meals.
  12. Read 20 books.
  13. Complete a travel scrapbook.
  14. Try to not be so attached to my phone.
  15. Take 20 dollars from each paycheck and put it into my savings.
  16. Blog once a day.
  17. Become more organized.
  18. Visit New York City.
  19. Go to a Cavs game.
  20. Volunteer at the APL.

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