To The One Who Helped Me When I Hit Rock Bottom

Before this year we barely knew each other, but somehow in a matter of a couple months you have become one of my best friends. We bonded because we have the same majors, but most importantly we became so close because you helped me overcome my rock bottom. I came to your apartment countless times with tears in my eyes wanting your advice. Wanting the pain to go away. You helped me in my darkest hour.

You’ve seen me at my best, but most importantly you’ve seen me at my worst. You know me more than anyone. And you always seem to know what to say. You’ve looked into the eyes of a broken girl and helped her overcome her rock bottom. You’ve never judged me. You’ve never made me feel like I was just being stupid or crazy, but instead you sat there and listened to me go on and on. You have been my shoulder to cry on. And have been there for me when all I needed was a hug. You stood by me when it felt like my world was falling apart.

Eventually once you knew I was ready to hear the truth, you gave it to me straight and you helped me get through it. You reminded me how great of a person I am. You helped me become better. Day by day I over came my rock bottom because of you.

You also reminded me that everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes helps us grow and learn-you showed me that. You stayed with me throughout all of it. You reminded me that there are so many amazing things in life and being this sad and upset isn’t worth it.

You taught me that I don’t need everyone to like me or that I need everyone’s approval. Some people aren’t going to like me plain and simple. No matter what I do, what I say, or what I don’t do people will ALWAYS have something negative to say. People are always going to judge me. People don’t always give the benefit of the doubt like I give to people. You’ve taught me to not give a shit about what people have to say about me. This helped me so much overcoming my lowest point.

Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. When I’ve had my worst moments the people I surround myself with have always helped me through it. You are one of these people. You have loved me at my worst. You are my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without you.

Thank you for being there for me when I hit my rock bottom.

Love Lo


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