My Thoughts On My Last Semester

If you are like me, then you are currently taking your last semester of your college career. Unless you decide to further your education and get your masters and what not. I am so excited, yet nervous to graduate. I can’t wait to start my career that I’ve worked so hard the past four years to achieve, but there are so many things I am going to miss about college.

Over the past 3 1/2 years I have made so many friends and memories to last a life time and no words can even even explain how much I will miss everything about my current college life. I actually cannot believe how fast these four years have gone. It feels like yesterday I was throwing my graduation cap in the air for my high school graduation and now in a short five months I will be doing the same for my college graduation.

Isn’t that just crazy??

I still don’t feel like an adult. I don’t know when that will exactly hit me. I mean I am 21 years old, living on my own, yet I still want my mom to make all my appointments for me. Parts of me don’t want to grow up, but the other part of me is so excited to start my career. And eventually move to NYC (someday).

I’m also afraid of many things that will come with grown up life. Such as ‘What if I hate my career choice’ or ‘What if I can’t find a job’, ‘What if I can’t pay my student loans’, and etc. It’s hard to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Fingers crossed that I got it right.

The past four years have really shaped me into the person I am today. I mean I’m no longer that innocent freshman that sees the best in everyone (ok maybe I still see the best in everyone, but still you get what I mean).

I’ll miss so many things about college. I’ll miss my two perfect roommates who I won’t get to see as much once I graduate. I know my roommate that I share a room with will miss me being the creepiest person alive, but that’s what made living with me great, right?! I’ll miss the random wine nights and going to Barrio every chance we got for cheap tacos and margaritas. I’ll miss going to Dive Bar every weekend and making a fool out of myself, because YOLO, right?! I’ve had some pretty amazing times during my fours years in college, and I’ve also have had some horrible times during these four years as well. Regardless of the good and the bad it’s made me into the person I am today and I could not be any more content with that.

I’ll miss the friends I’ve made here. One person stands out the most. It’s funny how you meet some of the greatest people ever when you’re about to leave.  I’ll miss getting coffee and writing with you every chance we got. It’s the small things that you’ll end up missing the most. There are probably so many more things that I will miss that I am forgetting. I guess that’s just because I’m an old senior.

But I guess all these great things about college have to come to an end eventually.

Enjoy your last semester while you can! It comes to an end and eventually you won’t get to do the crazy things you are currently doing anymore. Like staying up until 3 AM with your roommate who you share a room with, drinking wine, and talking about all the people you hate. But don’t forget to take your last semester seriously. For some reason I decided to take 18 credits and work two jobs my last semester and still continue to live my last semester up to the fullest! Try not to stress out and enjoy the fact that after this semester you won’t ever have to take an exam or write a research paper again.



One thought on “My Thoughts On My Last Semester

  1. 1. Your last semester will be, by far, the most amazing and memorable experience of your college life. That last semester of school is so exciting because you have the freshman jitters, but you also have the ten year reunion excitement! You are so excited to be on a journey that is leading you somewhere entirely new, but running into old friends and spending time with your best girls will make every weekend seem like you are reuniting with long lost loves! Live it up girl. I did the same thing you are doing: 21 credit hours my last semester, one job and volunteering on the weekends–craziness. However, absolutely worth it.

    My word of advice: value every minute you can with your friends, study like a crazy person on the weekdays, so that you can party like it is your first weekend at college-every weekend!


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