How To Know Your BFF Is Probably Your Soulmate

You’re the Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler.

  1. You have so many inside jokes that when you are with other people you make them feel uncomfortable because they have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about. And you have to keep apologizing and saying “sorry you had to be there”.
  2. You can do the weirdest shit around them without them judging you. I mean THE absolute weirdest shit will go down and if you did it in front of ANYONE else they would probably call the cops.
  3. You want them so badly to be happy with the right guy that every guy they meet is never good enough for them and you inevitably plot against them (just kidding), but you ALWAYS keep your eyeballs glued to the mother fucker, because if you break my girls heart I’ll break your face.
  4. Most people probably think you guys are lesbians because you seem way too close not to be. But we really are just that close. We have no boundaries anymore. Dancing with my BFF at the bar is a lot better than dancing with some sweaty ass man.
  5. When you’re seen in public without them people are constantly asking where your “side kick” is.
  6. Other people think that you’re mean to each other, but joking around with each other is just something you do. Whether it’s posting that embarrassing snapchat of her or constantly making fun of her it’s all out of love.
  7. You’ve gotten incredibly mad at someone else on their behalf. Because that guy that you hooked up with the weekend before ignores your BFF and you might just yell at them at the bar.
  8. They actually hate your ex more than you do. Like you cannot even say their name without them getting grossed out. My BFF actually told me that his name is forever ruined for her.
  9. You crawl in their bed the morning after they hangout with a guy (most times without pants) so we can hear all the details from the night before. I mean ALL the details. We keep nothing out. They literally know every detail about every guy we’ve ever been with.
  10. We basically know everyone in each other’s family. My BFF’s dad actually calls me freak show. That’s how close we are. When there is any family event my family ALWAYS asks if my BFF is coming, not a boy.


My BFF might actually be my soulmate and I am perfectly okay with that because she’s perfect.


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