How To Know You’re Killing It In Your 20’s


“Your 20’s are your selfish years. Old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. Be selfish with your time- travel, explore, fall in and out of love, be ridiculous, and silly, stupid and wild. Be 20something.” 

Your 20’s are a confusing time. Most of the time you’re probably wondering what you are doing. I mean I ask myself everyday what am I doing with my life and my usual response is “huh I don’t know, but I know I am killing it”.

A lot of people may seem like they have their life together when you scroll down your Facebook newsfeed. I mean people are falling in love left and right. And the only thing I am in love with is mint chocolate chip ice cream. People are getting married and they are having kids. But that doesn’t make me feel as if I’m not killing it in my 20’s, because I know I am. Even though you don’t have everything figured out. It’s okay because guess what. YOU ARE ONLY IN YOUR 20’s! You have the rest of your life to fall in love and have kids. So why not live up your 20’s while you can.

Here’s some signs to know you’re killing it in your 20’s and you’re not a hopeless fool that we all think we are:

  1. You have a goal. Maybe you don’t know what you want to do the rest of your life, but you have some goals that you want to complete and you have the courage to go for them. It could be grad school, traveling around the world, working towards your dream job, or moving to a big city. Having some type of goal is pretty awesome if you ask me.
  2. You have a couple close friends that are your rock. As you get older your amount of close friends gets smaller. And that’s okay. Some people won’t always be there for the long haul, but you have a couple close friends that will be. And you’ve realized this and you know who they are.
  3. You’ve been through some shit. I’m sure by now some shit has happened to you that you thought you would never get over. And look at you now. You got over it. Life doesn’t get easier, but you do get smarter.
  4. You realize that life goes on. As I said before some shit has probably happened to you. After everything goes wrong in your life. Life still goes on. We know that. We understand that. And we embrace it. Life sucks sometimes. But it does go on and all we can do is enjoy the ride and laugh at the bullshit.
  5. You can pay your bills. You may be low on money 99 percent of the time, but you pay your bills. Mac and cheese or Ramen for the rest of the week? Whatever…I paid my bills though!
  6. You live on your own (barely but your still doing it). Living on your own is hard most of the time. You have to do everything for yourself. Sometimes it’s hard, but I would say 95 percent of the time it’s awesome.
  7. You make bad choices with men. It happens sometimes. And that’s okay. Not every guy you meet is going to be the one (thank god). Sometimes you need those bad choices to find the right one.
  8. You don’t lie to yourself about the men in your life anymore. I guess this has a lot to do with making bad choices when it comes to men, BUT sometimes the choice isn’t as bad as you think. You know that some men only want one thing. Sometimes you’re okay with it and sometimes you’re not. The choice is completely yours. And your 20’s are all about figuring out what you want. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to men. We all do. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s a good story. And maybe someday you’ll find the one.



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