Through The Eyes Of A Broken Hearted Girl


Most broken hearted girls don’t know that they are broken hearted until a guy is genuinely nice to them. It’s hard to realize that when you’re single and happy with the way your life is, but once a guy shows that he is an actual nice guy and isn’t interesting in just hooking up with you, your automatic first response is to put up a wall between the two of you.

It’s hard overcoming heartbreak in general and then to actually trust another guy to get that close to you again is terrifying. To you the broken hearted girl everyone is out to get you. It’s hard to decide who is the nice guys from the guys who you know aren’t worth your time to begin with, but that’s why you sometimes pick the guys that aren’t worth your time. You know what they want and you don’t expect anything more from them. Therefore there is no chance of you actually getting hurt, but what happens when you do meet someone who is worth your time? Can we put up that defensive wall for every guy we meet?

It’s so hard for us to realize that this guy could actually be different than the guys that treated you poorly. He isn’t them.You know that, but for some reason you can’t get past the fact that you’ve been hurt before. It’s easy to put up that wall and run to the hills when a guy is nice to you. But through the eyes of a broken hearted girl she can’t let people in anymore. She’s watched people leave. She’s watched people change. She knows what could potentially happen if she lets her wall down again.

Through the eyes of a broken hearted girl she wants to have that happy relationship that she always sees people have, but when it becomes real to her that she could have that again it scares her. She’s had that before. She knows how happy it made her before her heart was broken.

Heartbreak is weird sometimes. Yes, you get over the person that broke your heart.  New people come and go in your life, but sometimes your heart pretends to be healed. And when someone tries to stick around for too long the band-aid that’s been holding your heart together falls off and maybe that person that sticks around too long is exactly the person you need to put the band-aid back on.



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