Cleveland: The City I’ve Grown To Love

Cleveland isn’t on most people’s bucket lists or their favorite vacation spot. Most people wouldn’t plan to come to Cleveland unless they have to, but Cleveland is the city that I have grown to love. Cleveland isn’t New York, but I’m happy that it isn’t. Cleveland isn’t a huge city. I can practically walk anywhere from point A to point B. I don’t have to call a taxi and if the weather is really bad that day traffic is never that horrible downtown like you would experience in LA or NYC.

From the Playhouse District to the Warehouse District Cleveland has so much to offer. Not only was I able to attend college in the heart of a city that is growing day by day, but I was able to have that city experience. Something you can’t have at most colleges. Either it’s the Cavs, the Indians, the Browns, or even the Lake Erie Monsters you can always find yourself going to a game to support Cleveland, the city of underdogs.

There are so many amazing restaurants in Cleveland. Most times you can find me at Barrio a taco and margarita place. When I tell you they have the best margaritas I am not kidding, they really do. However, East Fourth is filled with restaurants and bars for everyone, and if you can’t find something you like there then there is Ohio City or Tremont. Ohio City and Tremont both have shopping areas, restaurants, and bars.

Cleveland is also a pretty inexpensive place to live compared to other big cities.Whether you want to live by East Fourth, the bar scene, or even Playhouse Square it isn’t too expensive.

Now that I have lived downtown I can’t imagine living anywhere else and I really don’t think I would want to. The night life is great on West 6th, The Flats, or Ohio City. And if you want to check out the bars in Lakewood is isn’t that far of a drive and the invention of Uber is a great thing.

Cleveland might not be on people’s bucket list, but it sure does have my heart. 



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