3 Things Men Need To Stop Doing At Bars

Last Saturday I went to the bars with my girlfriends and I didn’t drink. I was completely sober the ENTIRE night. Therefore I noticed everything. And everything bothered me. The way men think they can treat women is repulsive and if you’re one of those men you really need to consider some things. Consider the fact that the girl’s ass you just grabbed could of been your mom, your sister, or any woman in your life that you would never in a million years think to do that to.

But what really drove me crazy is how when I’ve had a couple drinks I don’t notice this as much. That guys think they can grab me anyway they want to at the bars and they think I won’t say anything. My experience last Saturday almost makes me want to never go out again. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. All I want to do is dance with my girlfriends without men constantly bothering me and harassing me, especially when I said N-O.

  1. Do not grab my ass. 

You would be shocked at how many times this happens in ONE night. Why on earth do you think it is okay to touch me like that? It’s not funny. It’s not okay. And you need to stop. Sexual assault isn’t okay. I didn’t give you my permission to touch me. SO DON’T. End of story.

2. Don’t get mad when I say N-O.

You also would be shocked at the words that come out of guys mouth when I tell them N-O. Why am I not allowed to say N-O to you? Don’t swear at me. Don’t push me. Don’t continue to harass me thinking that I am going to eventually say yes, because I’m not going to. Please just walk away.

3. Don’t Catcall me.

Do you know how many times guys yell something disturbing at me while I am at the bars. Whether they try to grab me or just tell me in exact detail what they want to do to me, just stop. I don’t want to be yelled at from across the street and I most certainly don’t want you to grab my arm as if you own me.

These three things make me not want to go out anymore. All I want is to have a good time with my friends without constantly being bothered my men who think they own my body.



2 thoughts on “3 Things Men Need To Stop Doing At Bars

  1. Lauren, being a baby boomer I had NO idea that this is what you gals have to contend with. Perhaps bars are not the way to meet guys any longer. Perhaps on campus or through friends or family is better. I would be disgusted as well if that was the way men ( rather “boys” ) act around women. I feel bad for all of you who allow that type of behavior in your lives. Stand up and don’t allow that type of mistreatment. It will only get worse…


  2. Once when I said no he slammed his fist down on our table shattering my drink glass causing my drink to pour all over me. The ones that aren’t grabbing and can take no for an answer are the ones you should take notice of.


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