Now What?


After you graduate college is a stressful time and that it’s hard to find a job. I mean a lot of people struggle to find a job–and I guess I am one of those people. I’m happy because I start graduate school in the fall, but that doesn’t keep me completely calm. Because I keep asking myself what the hell am I doing about ten times a day.


Now what? What the hell do I do?

Applying for jobs takes a lot of time. And believe me I have applied for a hand full of jobs and I have had no luck. I haven’t even heard back from any. I feel like I literally don’t have a clue what I am doing. All I can count on is grad school in the fall, which doesn’t help much.

I’m poor. I’m in debt. And my bare minimum frozen yogurt job isn’t cutting it anymore. I want something more. I want a job that goes towards what I just spent the last four years working for. All I know I can do is try harder. Look harder. And hopefully find something.

Even though I’m not exactly sure what my next step is–I understand that I’m young, I only graduated college a month ago, and that I will eventually figure it out. That’s what I keep telling myself over and over. I know that eventually everything will work itself out. That if I try hard enough that I will eventually get a job. I also know that I may not like the first job I get, but that’s life.

All I can say is to keep your head up high and to never give up. If you work hard enough and want it bad enough then you will succeed. Maybe it won’t happen over night, but eventually some good luck will come your way. At least that’s what I’m hoping for!



One thought on “Now What?

  1. That’s so funny…AND true!

    See you around the 22nd then?

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    C:\Users\Jacquie\Documents\BCI logo.jpg


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