The Journey Of Traveling To All 30 MLB Stadiums: PNC PARK



It’s no secret that I am in love with baseball and that my love for the Cleveland Indians will never die no matter where I end up living. And most importantly my love for Jason Kipnis, but that’s a whole different story. One of my best friends and I thought it would be amazing to travel to all the MLB stadiums.

We started small and close to Cleveland of course. Our first journey started last week at PNC PARK (The Pittsburg Pirates stadium). I’ve only been to Pittsburg one other time and we didn’t plan anything out we kinda just went–so of course it wasn’t that fun, but this time we actually had a plan! To attend a baseball game! We were late to the game..of course and it took us forever to find a parking garage. Every single garage we went to was full and finally we found a garage and we’re about to turn into it and we see the sign that says “FULL”. We were about to give up all hope of making it to this game until the guy that was working the garage must of seen how desperate our faces were, because he let us in the garage!

Then the journey to find the stadium! It wasn’t that hard to find since there are yellow bridges leading towards it (which are very very pretty). This was my first time ever being at another stadium that wasn’t my home teams! As soon as we walked in we felt out of place and didn’t know where to go. My friend is a Detroit Tigers fan and I am obviously a Cleveland Indians fan (Go Indians!) and Pittsburg wasn’t playing Detroit or Cleveland. We decided that it would be way too hard to go when one of our teams is playing. We were going to wear our Indians/Tigers gear, but we decided against it because we didn’t know what it would be like. And of course there was a Cleveland and Detroit fan right behind us. So from now on we will be wearing our gear to the games!

The stadium was beautiful and was directly on the river where it overlooked the city. It was an incredible view. Pittsburg is beautiful. The stadium confused us a little bit because it didn’t wrap all the way around like ours does…at least we couldn’t figure it out! We were also confused by the pirogies. At the Cleveland Indians Stadium we have a race between ketchup, mustard, and onion (typical)…but at the Pittsburg Pirates stadium they had a race between 5 different pirogies. It was very odd, but also pretty funny.  But overall we had an amazing time and we can’t wait until we attend our next stadium!



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