My Expectations For Grad School

“Time to open up a new chapter in life, and to explore a larger centre.” -Lillian Russell

As some of you may know I am attending grad school at Cleveland State starting in August. I received a graduate assistantship and will be working for the school, but also keeping my other job as well. With this assistantship they are paying for my tuition which helps me out a lot because I am in a lot of debt from my undergraduate degree. As the days go by I find myself starting to get more and more nervous for grad school and I find myself asking questions such as, “What if I hate it”, “What if I’m not good at it”, and “What if I can’t find enough time to do everything”. I’m sure this is only normal for graduate students and no matter how many times I tell myself I still find myself freaking out.

I don’t know what grad school will be like and I don’t know what the next year will have in store for me, but I’m trying to have confidence in myself. I got into grad school and I was lucky enough to receive a graduate assistantship. YOU CAN DO THIS (I hope).

Here are my expectations for grad school:

  1. You cannot miss a single class. Unlike undergrad where you were able to sleep through your classes and not show up because you didn’t feel like it that day.
  2. Your professors will expect so much more out of you and it will scare the crap out of you, because I personally still feel like I am in high school. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?
  3. There will be a lot more research involved and the main focus is no longer just your classes, but the outside research as well.
  4. Being a graduate assistant will take up a lot of my time either grading papers or tutoring undergraduate students.
  5. I will have a total meltdown and will not be able to finish grad school.


Okay clearly the 5th one is a joke…but that’s how I feel 95% of the time right now. And I keep trying to tell myself not to panic, but I think that honestly makes it worse. I know it will all work out the way it’s supposed to be in the end. Maybe graduate school is for me and maybe it isn’t, but I’m happy that I am taking the risk and that I want to purse my education even more. I love to learn and if graduate school can give me the extra edge I need to succeed in my career then I am happy to do everything it takes for me to succeed.



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