A Farewell To My Roomate

It’s always sad when you leave a place where you shared so many memories with the people you’ve grown to love. Having roommates can cause so many problems we all know this, but when you get a good roommate it’s like a dream come true. My roommate who turned from a stranger to one of my best friends is one of those dreams come true.

My roommate Abby was in fact a random roommate my junior year of college. I didn’t know her at all, but somehow over the past two years she has become one of the best people in my life. Having a random roommate is always awkward and it of course was in the beginning, but somehow a friendship sparked and we decided to room together again my senior year of college and once again I’m happy that we did.

The past two years have been so life changing for the both of us. When you first met me I was a wreck from an ex-boyfriend and you helped me through that. The first semester of my junior year was a shit show, but somehow we survived it and I’m so happy I had you there along the way to yell at me when I’m being stupid. I know this might sound cheesy, but I’m so happy that our paths crossed. From living in Langston to 2320 we’ve shared some of the best memories and I’m forever grateful for that.

I can’t imagine not having you as a roommate this year. The thought of it makes me really sad. I’m happy that we’re living in the same building, but it’s still not the same as actually being your roommate. I loved our old apartment so much and I loved living with you in it, but I know that we will get used to our new apartments and the new changes in our lives, but I will always always miss living with you. Now that we aren’t living together it’s going to be harder to force you to go downtown with us, but don’t worry we will find other ways to convince you to come!

We have so many great memories living together. I think everyone knows that my by far favorite memory of you is when you fell off the tread mill at the rec center. Nothing will ever be funnier than that. You didn’t go back to the rec center for months. I remember people telling us that they saw you and would be like “oh you’re the girl that fell off the tread mill at the rec center”.  Another great memory is our NYC trip. You slept the entire car ride in the backseat of the car. I thought Megan was going to kill you, but even though the entire trip was unplanned and a shit show it was so much fun. Another great memory is PCB even though you barely drank you’re still forgiven. We all got some type of sickness and we felt like we were going to die, but somehow still managed to have a great time (barely).

Thanks for being the best roommate the past two years. I’ll miss you tons.


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