The Journey Of Traveling To All 30 MLB Fields: Wrigley Field

If you love baseball like me than you know that going to Wrigley Field is a big deal. Wrigley field is THE field of baseball. (To me at least.) I’ve never been so excited to go to a baseball game before. I mean I love the Cleveland Indians, but AHHHH something about Wrigley field, ya know? My friend and I started this goal this summer and sadly she wasn’t able to go. Obviously this is an excuse to go back to Chicago and we have to go to Cellular Field to watch the White Sox’s anyways.

I’ve been to a lot of places throughout the world, but somehow this was my first time going to Chicago and boy did I fall in love. I love Chicago. If I didn’t have a graduate assistantship at Cleveland State (which means they are paying for my tuition) then I would drop out of school at Cleveland State and go to school in Chicago. I even thought about it anyway, but Chicago state didn’t have my major. How disappointing! I always thought that I wanted to move to NYC after I figure out my life, but then I went to Chicago and that all changed. Bye bye NYC. Chicago here I come! I mean I love NYC. I’ve only been there once if I’m being honest. So obviously I need to invest in another trip there, but NYC didn’t leave an impression on me like Chicago did. This shocked me…cause I mean it’s NYC. Clearly NYC isn’t for everyone, but I think I could handle it. I love love love city life, but I love love love Chicago so much more.

Sigh. The entire time I was in Chicago I felt as if I was cheating on Cleveland. Cleveland is awesome! I love living downtown, but it’s no Chicago. Obviously!!!!!- one would say. Driving into Chicago there wasn’t THAT much traffic, unlike when we were driving into NYC. The entire time I thought a taxi was going to kill us. They don’t care where your license plate says you are from, they will hit you! I mean there was traffic in Chicago and that would take some getting used to since Cleveland doesn’t have traffic like that, but still what’s not to love about Chicago.

Day 1:

We stayed in the Chicago Athletic Association, which is very close to Millennium Park. Millennium Park has the famous bean. I loved every second of it, but before I get ahead of myself the Chicago Athletic Association was such a pretty hotel and the service was incredible. When I go back and if you ever decide to go to Chicago you must stay there! It’s the perfect location. Honestly, everything about it was perfect. There is a rooftop bar called ‘Cindy’s’, which has an INCREDIBLE view. The bean was only a couple minute walk from the hotel. The bean was so pretty and so cool if that is even the right word. I don’t think “cool” justifies my feelings toward the bean.

After we went to the bean we decided to grab food and go back to the hotel to relax before heading to Navy Pier. The pizza was AMAZING. Hands down best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. After our amazing pizza we decided to change before we went to Navy Pier because it was about to rain, but we thought we would be lucky and that the rain would miss us. However,the rain did not miss us and we ended up getting stuck there for a couple hours. We took an Uber to Navy Pier, because the walk was a little far, but the Uber was only a 5 minute drive. Navy Pier wasn’t my favorite part of Chicago, but it was very pretty. The ferris wheel was pretty expensive to go on so we didn’t go on that. (Broke college kids + expensive ferris wheel does not mix) It was an incredible view of Chicago, but then it started to rain so we were trapped inside until it settled down a bit. Once we got back to the hotel we were pretty tired so we ended up going to bed pretty early.  I mean we did wake up at 3:30 AM and drive 5.5 hours.

Day 2:

Waking up in Chicago felt GREAT! A lot better than it does to wake up in Cleveland, because I mean come on it’s Chicago! On our second day we walked to Willis Tower, which was about a 20 minute walk. Willis tower has the sky deck that overlooks the city. The sky deck is so much scarier than I thought it would be. I mean I’ve always seen the pictures of people standing on glass overlooking the city, but wow actually doing it myself was a lot different. I even enjoy heights too! But wow the view was incredible.

After we went to the sky deck we walked around the Magnificent Mile to shop and I bought some clothes to wear to the cubs game. If I wasn’t an Indians fan I’m pretty sure I would be a Cubs fan so my plan was to buy a cubs shirt, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I felt like I was cheating on the Indians. Instead, I bought a shirt that said Wrigley Field because technically it doesn’t say “Cubs” anywhere!! We went to a pizza place by Wrigley Field that someone recommended to us. The pizza was as big as my face and really really good. AHHHH and then the time came! Time to enter Wrigley Field!! I was so excited I almost cried. I made my two friends go around to the main entrance where it says “Wrigley Field”…I mean of course?! I don’t exactly know what I thought Wrigley Field would be like, but it was very different than what I am used to in Cleveland. It’s so old I mean it is the second oldest stadium in the MLB, but they didn’t even have a bullpen they just warmed up on the side of the field. It was a Tuesday night game and it was PACKED. How incredible. Our Tuesday night games are not like that at ALL. The fans were amazing, but they didn’t have any games in between innings. They didn’t even have a race between some type of mascots like we do and Pittsburg even did too! They didn’t have a lot of food options. All they had was hotdogs basically, but the overall experience was amazing. I’m so happy I was able to experience Wrigley Field.

Third day:

We walked around and embraced our last day in Chicago. We planned on going to Lincoln Park, but we couldn’t find any parking so we decided to just make the journey home. Ahhh Chicago completely and fully has my heart. I hope I am able to move there in two years after I am done with grad school. It’s everything I want in a city and more.

Thank you Chicago for some of the best three days of my life.

And of course some of my favorite things about Chicago…

My favorite things about Chicago:

-There’s a Starbucks on every corner.

-The amount of people. I mean it’s just awesome.

-It’s Chicago. (I think that’s a good enough answer)




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