Picking The Perfect Planner

Maybe not everyone has this problem, but somehow I need to have the perfect planner once classes start up. I bought this leather planner off of Amazon.com, but I ended up not loving it. The week by week pages were too small and it was just so boring. I then decided to go to Tj Max to find a planner (since they are usually cheap) and I found one that I semi liked for $6.99. I then thought that I could put the one from Tj Max into the leather one since it’s basically like a binder, BUT the pages didn’t work out when I tried. I basically ruined two planners. I went to Staples to find fillers for my leather planner, but I couldn’t! Finally, I decided to go to Target to see if I could find one even though I’ve checked there before. Luckily I found one that I loved. I picked out a sugar paper one and it was $15.99, which is a lot cheaper than the expensive ones I was looking at online (Lily Pulitzer).The week to week pages are big enough for my busy life. For each week it has a  “Top three”, “To do”, “To call”, “To email”, “To buy”, “Don’t forget”, and “This weeks’ goals”. I LOVE THAT! It helps me be so much more organized week to week. It also has something for each month that says “Work goals”, “Financial goals”, “Personal goals”, “Health goals”, “Focus on”, and “Important dates.

Here’s some pictures of it! Don’t mind my messy handwriting:-)




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