What Guys Don’t Understand


Guys don’t understand that when I go out to the bars with my friends that I’m wondering how many guys will touch me when I never gave them permission to. Guys don’t understand when I pick out my outfit for the day I wonder if I’m going to be told that I was asking for it because of my clothes. Guys don’t understand how afraid I am to walk down the street because I think someone is following me. Guys don’t understand what it’s like to be constantly looking over your shoulder when you’re walking alone. Guys don’t understand that cat calling makes me feel uncomfortable. Guys don’t understand that catcalling isn’t giving me a compliment. Guys don’t understand that alcohol doesn’t give them an excuse to touch me. Guys don’t understand that it’s not funny when you grab my ass. Guys don’t understand that grabbing my arm to try to make me want to talk to you actually scares me. Guys don’t understand that just because I said no doesn’t mean you should call me a bitch. Guys don’t understand. Guys don’t understand what it’s like to be a woman. Guys can’t understand what it’s like when you get your arm pulled by a random guy at the bar or that the group of guys behind you keep grabbing your ass because they think it’s nice. As if having a nice ass gives men the excuse to grab it. Guys don’t understand when you’re constantly looked at as an item and not as a person. Guys can’t even begin to understand.

Guys don’t understand that there are different ways to try to talk to women other than what I just described above. I don’t know if guys don’t care to know or don’t realize how they act, but I can’t stand that every weekend I go out to the bars with my friends I’m treated like a piece of meat. I’m mean to you because you’re being creepy. Even if you are being nice I’m still allowed to say no. I go to the bars to dance and have a good time with my friends, but it’s hard to have fun when your constantly being touched.

Don’t you understand that I’m someones daughter? And one day I could be someones mom? What would you do if someone touched your mom the way you touch women at the bar? I’m just so tired of having guys sexually assault me. I’m tired of guys making it seem like it’s not a big deal. I recently just had a guy tell me, “Why were you mean to him you could of gotten a free drink.” Are you serious? You want to know why I was mean to someone who grabbed my ass and followed me around the bar? How can you even ask me that? Guys just can’t understand what women go through every single day, because it does happen every single day.

Guys just don’t understand.



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