What’s For You Will Not Pass You

One of my best friends just got her first big girl job and I wanted to get her some type of congratulations gift. I wasn’t sure what to get her, but I found this Alex and Ani bracelet that I fell in love with. It wasn’t just the bracelet itself, but it was the meaning that came with it that left such a great impression on me. The bracelet says “What’s For You Will Not Pass you”, but then a beautiful quote comes with it too.

It says,

“Your life is destined for greatness. Obstacles will inevitably come your way. Greet them with patience and hard work. Allow the light of fated opportunities to spill through, live in fearlessness, and remember that what’s for you will not pass you.”


This quote hit home with me and I’m sure it can hit home for a lot of people. That’s why I thought this was the perfect gift for my friend. Throughout my four years of undergrad and throughout my life I’ve have a lot of obstacles stand in my way, but you can’t let these these obstacles stop you for doing what you want. Sometimes things won’t go your way, but you should be patient and work hard and you will realize that what’s for you won’t pass you. If it’s meant to be it will find a way. You will pass that class that seems almost impossible, you will graduate college, you will get that job you’ve been dreaming for. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it in the end.

I just thought that I would share this will everyone, because it’s a really powerful message for anyone who feels like they aren’t on the right track or feels like they will never reach their goals. Don’t give up.




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