Why Country Concerts Are The Best

I recently just went to the Florida Georgia Line concert and the concert was amazing! Country concerts are always the best type of concert to go to. Everyone gets together to drink and have a good time, but also to celebrate America. There is something incredible about country concerts to me. It’s always great to hear “USA” being chanted.

It doesn’t matter where you sit either. At other concerts I always want to be able to see them, but country concerts don’t have to be that way. As long as you can hear the music it’s still incredible. At Blossom Music Center there is a huge lawn area that is standing room only. Some people bring blankets, some people just stand, but it’s somehow it’s so much fun. And FGL was incredible.

Another one of my favorite things about going to a country concert is being able to dress country! Whether it’s a flannel wrapped around your waist or some cowboy boots it’s awesome. I don’t ever get to dress like that. I mean I live in downtown Cleveland. So country concerts bring out the country in me!

My favorite FGL songs are:

  1. “H.O.L.Y”
  2. “Stay”
  3. “Anything goes”
  4. “Dirt”
  5. “This is how we roll”

What’s your favorite FGL song?


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