Friendsgiving: Lo Edition

My roommates and I thought it would be a great idea to host friendsgiving at our apartment. And it was! We had a great time, but it was a lot of work of course. We had everyone bring some type of dish and a bottle of wine. Can’t forget wine. My roommates and I cooked the turkey. Yes, you read that right. We cooked a turkey. It was difficult, but it turned out great. Pulling out the inside of the turkey was the hardest part for us. Shocking, right?

Here is 5 tips if you’re thinking about throwing a friendsgiving:

  1. Plan ahead. Make sure you get the turkey early enough because it has to defrost for several days. We put our turkey in the fridge on Monday night and we had our friendsgiving on Saturday and it wasn’t all the way defrosted. That could be partly due to our fridge being super cold and we’re too lazy to change the temp. on it.
  2. Start cooking early. I started the pumpkin pie at 10 am on Saturday morning and it was done around 12. Then we started preparing for the turkey, which took until after 6. But it turned out great!
  3. Bring enough wine! Wine is the absolute best drink to have for friendsgiving. Obviously. I love wine if you didn’t know.
  4. Have each one of your guests bring a different dish. This way you have a wide variety of food and everyone prepares their food differently which makes it fun to try different things!
  5. Do not forget dessert. Dessert is my favorite part about Thanksgiving. It’s a must.


Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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