Looking Back On 2016

New year…same me? New year…new me? Ahhhh Happy New Year!

2016. What a remarkable year (to live in downtown Cleveland that is). So much happened in Cleveland throughout 2016. Need a reminder? SPORTS IN CLEVELAND IS ON FIRE. THE RNC CAME TO CLEVELAND. Let’s just say that Cleveland rocks. Also, I feel like I accomplished a lot in 2016 on a personal level. 2016 was an overall great year for me and I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for me.


  1. I graduated college with my Bachelor’s degree.
  2. I started a Master’s program where they are paying for my tuition.
  3. I watched the Cleveland Cavilers win a NBA championship.
  4. I went to the Cleveland Cavilers parade.
  5. I went to a World Series game.
  6. I started my plan to visit all 30 MLB stadiums.
  7. I visited Chicago twice.
  8. I received a promotion at work.
  9. I worked over 30 hours and maintained good grades my first semester of graduate school.
  10. I found out what I am passionate about and what I am leaning towards for my career.
  11. I spent the entire year single. (Yes, this is a good thing)
  12. I’ve started to save my money and this time it’s actually working.
  13. Made some amazing friends.
  14. I now have a kitty cat that keeps me company and comforts me when I am sad.
  15. My binge watching skills has become outstanding.
  16. I received my first internship.

Goals of 2017:

  1. Read more.
  2. Blog more. I am seriously lacking on blogging. And I am very sorry about this people.
  3. Visit Libby in Denver.
  4. Cross of 5 more MLB stadiums. (Denver, Detroit, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Kansas City)
  5. Appreciate family more. I lost my grandma in 2016 and I really wish I appreciated the precious time I had with her more. She was such an amazing woman and I am so sad that she is gone.
  6. Save money!!!! Even though I am becoming better and this I still need a constant reminder.
  7. Drink more margs and eat more queso from barrio. (This is very serious)
  8. Remember that girls rule and boys drool.
  9. Don’t procrastinate until the last second. Stay organized and on top of things.
  10. Stop being such a drama queen. It doesn’t fit you.
  11. Explore Cleveland more. You live in this great city and you still haven’t done a lot of the great things it has to offer.
  12. Eat healthy???? Notice the question marks because I am poor. Eating healthy is so hard and costs so much money.
  13. Drink less???? hahahah who am I kidding that won’t happen.
  14. WORK OUT. Get yourself into a routine and stick to it!
  15. Keep your room clean!!!! For more than a day.
  16. Don’t let guys make you feel like you’re not good enough. Because you are. You are great.
  17. Don’t stress out. Everything will eventually fall into place. YOU KNOW THIS SO CHILL OUT.

Happy New Year everyone! Bring on 2017!


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