My Favorite Things of 2016

  1. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


2. Me Before You (The book and the movie)


3. Pore face mask from Sephora. It’s $30 and it works wonders. Theres two steps to this face mask. First you do the “cold” face mask and then you do the “hot” face mask. IT’S AMAZING.


4. Pitch, the T.V show. Obviously I would love this show. It’s great.


5. Chicago. I fell in love with Chicago.


6. I got my Bachelors degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7. Uber eats….like they deliver food!


8. Balayage hair. Since I don’t have naturally blonde hair it’s expensive and a lot of work to keep up with it. With Balayage hair I don’t have the problem and I love it.


9. Cleveland. The city. Everything about Cleveland. cleveland

10. I got a cat!! She comforts me when I’m sad and everything in between. I love her.


11. bad and boujee by the Migos. Whether or not you like rap. This song is great…well I guess if you don’t like rap you wouldn’t like this song. OH WELL.

12. My regular coffee pot. You have gotten me through so many nights studying for grad school. Who needs a Keurig!

13. My love for Lakewood and hopefully I will be able to move to Lakewood in the Fall of 2017! Lakewood OH- Photo © Bob Perkoski,

14. Sephora lipstain. It’s $12 and it last long. It’s my go to lipstick!


15. Game of Thrones. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and started watching this amazing show. You should too!


16. Hulu. Cya Netflix, Hulu is 100 time better than you are. Sorry to say.









2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things of 2016

  1. I hope you liked the time you spent here as well! Congratulations the promotion again and wish you the best!

    If the Indians do a release this year I will call you !

    Jacquie Sopko-Crolius, C.B.A.

    Balloon Crew, Inc.

    8805 Garfield Blvd.

    Cleveland, OH 44125

    t. 216-341-5100

    f. 216-341-5100

    “Event Decorating…From a Room to an Arena!” tm

    C:\Users\Jacquie\Documents\BCI logo.jpg

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