How To Stay Organized

Told by the most unorganized person you know…

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to stay organized, but maybe just maybe this year I mean it! I have already made some steps to try to be organized.

Step 1: I bought a purse!

Maybe you’re asking yourself how a purse can help me stay organized, but don’t worry it will. I bought a purse to fit my two planners in and my notebook I carry around with me. I always carry around the smallest purse that fits absolutely nothing in it.

Step 2:

I bought a second planner. The one thing I am good at is keeping track of my planner. I am obsessed with writing everything down in it because if I don’t I’ll never remember to do anything. This planner is ONLY for doing my work schedule. I write the schedule every week for my work and this way I can keep track of everyone.

Step 3:

Buy a small notebook to carry around with you in your purse. You might think this is silly, but I never have something to write on when I need to. This way I can stay on top of random things.

Okay maybe this won’t help me stay perfectly organized, but I am making small steps and that counts for something right?!

Side note I got the purse from TJ max for $30. I also got the notebook for TJ max for $4 and the planner from Target for $5.


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