Trying New Things: Part 1

I’m going to attempt to try new things every month or every once and awhile. I am very picky in most things and to be honest I never try new things. BUT 2017 is going to be different…OK!

So everyone knows how much I love wine.My mom and I thought we would try something new. This wine is called ‘Junai Sake Fu-ki’ other wise known as ‘Sake’. This is a Japanese wine and is produced by cold fermentation and made solely from sun-nurtured rice and spring water. This is the traditional style which means you are supposed to drink it warm.

The smell of this Sake was similar to nail polish remover. Not a good first sign. We warmed up a small amount of Sake on the stove (in case we didn’t like it). And it tasted like it smelled like. Nail polish remover. Maybe it’s better mixed with something else, but I am not a fan. My mom didn’t hate it, but was not her favorite wine ever. There are different types of Sake so maybe I’ll try different ones someday, but for now I am perfectly fine with my red wine.

Here is what Sake looked like. It was clear, but I was too alarmed by the taste to take a picture. So here is one from google images.



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