Movies That Make Me Feel Lonely

Maybe it’s because I laid in bed all day doing nothing. Or maybe it’s because I put The Choice on. Either way it has made me feel very lonely on this Wednesday afternoon. I’ve been staring at my blog all day trying to find something to write about. I’ve been so happy being single, but watching a love story that most likely would never happen in real life can make a girl a little lonely.

So I thought I would make a list so next time I’m about to put a movie on I’ll double check my list to see if it’s a “Might make Lauren lonely move”.

1. The Choice

This has to be number one since I was just watching it. This is a Nicolas Sparks movie so I don’t even know if I need to explain his movies or books.

2. Me Before you.

Bring some tissues before you watch this movie! I left the movie theatre in tears.

3.  The Notebook.

I don’t think I need to say anything at all about this one. DUH. IT MAKES HAPPILY MARRIED PEOPLE SAD!

4. When Harry Met Sally

Even though this movie gives me some type of hope…only a little. It still makes me feel  pretty lonely.

5. 10 Things I Hate About you.

I love 90’s movies. This is probably my favorite one. Still makes me feel VERY lonely. Why does everyone always have to end up happy in the end!!


Well. I think 5 is enough, because I love all these movies and I will watch them regardless that they make me feel like I might die alone. These are all great movies though so happy Wednesday! Go watch these movies with a bottle of wine. I know I will.


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