Graduate School: The DO’s and DONT’S

I am more than halfway through my second semester of graduate school. Time keeps going faster and faster and my professional career is getting closer and closer. *panic screeching*

I haven’t had time to write in awhile. I’ve been so busy with work, being a TA, and like graduate school duh. (Also, I decided to get into working out again. Which this time will hopefully stick! Wish me luck with that one)

Graduate school is tough. You can find yourself doing everything you think you’re supposed to be doing, but still not getting what you want on your exams/papers. Is there a secret? If there is I would love to know what it is, but I’ve come to figure out some DO’s and DONT’S that can be helpful if you yourself are like me and are a tired graduate student.


  • Try to wake up earlier than you need to everyday. Trust me on this one. I mean who wants to wake up earlier than they have to? A GRADUATE STUDENT, DUH! I’ve been waking up earlier than I need to everyday because I get stuff done when I don’t expect to and that’s honestly the greatest thing ever. No I’m still not ahead of schedule, but I’m also not behind schedule! SO BOO YAH!
  • Go to your office or the library to do homework. DO NOT do it at home. Do you know how many distractions are at home? A LOT. And you won’t get anything done. When I try to do homework at home I find myself doing everything but my homework.
  • If you don’t understand something ask your professors! That’s why they are there I promise. They really aren’t out to get you. They want to help you just as much as you want to get good grades.
  • As much as you need money you also need to pass your classes. Don’t overwork yourself at your job. Work, but don’t stress about every little thing.
  • Have fun sometimes. (No, seriously do it) Go out on the weekends or have a girls/guys night with your friends. Let loose a little.


  • Don’t put stuff off or say you’re going to do it later. You most likely won’t. Don’t slack ever. Once you start slacking it will become a habit.
  • Don’t show up to class late. You’re in graduate school now. That stuff might of been ok when you were an undergraduate, but it’s not cute anymore.
  • Make a list of things you need to do each and every day. Actually do it. I know it may seem dumb, but making a list of things I need to do actually helps me get these things done.
  • Don’t miss class. Like I said about showing up to class late. Simply don’t miss class either.
  • Stop staying up so late (unless it’s for school then of course you can). But if you’re like me I can’t stop binge watching my new favorite show or reading the new book I just bought.



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