I Got Broads In…(ATL)

Okay I really couldn’t come up with a clever title page for this blog. If you don’t get the title it’s a song. Look it up. It’s great. Give me some credit. I’m not working on much sleep and it’s currently 12:14 am and I need to get up early to get some work done. Anyways over spring break I went to visit my friend I met when I studied abroad in Italy. She’s from South Carolina, but recently moved to Atlanta Georgia. So my best friend (Megan) and I went to visit her. She let us stay with her amazing/beautiful grandma in-law? Is that what they are called? I am very unsure. I am not married (obviously).

ATL was so much fun. A nice break from Cleveland and all the….lovely people ya know? Who am I kidding? I freaking love Cleveland, but it was still nice. Especially since when we left it was 2 degrees and about to snow. Don’t worry I came back to a massive snow storm named Stella as well. Cleveland winter can’t leave me alone, huh!


They have this really cool place called “Top Golf” and it was literally so much fun. It was almost like bowling, but obviously like golf. You have your own lane and try to hit your ball into the targets. I knew I wasn’t good at golf and I got a really nice reminder of how horrible I am! Golf isn’t like baseball huh? Apparently you can’t swing a golf club like you would a baseball bat.


We hiked Stone Mountain! Brought us back to our Italy days…cause the mountain was stone. However, it was beautiful! It was actually a decent hike up especially since I’ve been so out of shape lately!

Heres some pictures for proof:

Then after our awesome hike we went to 8 degrees–a really cool ice cream place. They roll the ice cream out. Well first its liquid and then what they roll it out on is so cold that the ice cream freezes and they roll it up and put it in a cup! But before they do that they put some crunched up topping in it. I got mint oreos in mine.

Heres a really cute picture of Megan.


Then after this little trip I insisted that we go to the Braves stadium because I thought it was done. But there was still too much construction to get a cute picture with one (well I still took one). The stadium is going to be incredible. I can’t wait to go back and visit my friend Natalie!



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