13 Reasons Why

**Spoiler alert**

When I was in 8th grade I read a great book called ’13 Reasons Why’ and I loved it. Now they have a short series on Netflix based on the book. I am now almost 23 and I don’t exactly remember everything about the book (don’t worry I will reread it) but the short series was incredible. I binged watched it within a couple of days. I felt myself relating to  the mean things that happened to the main character named Hannah and I found myself thinking sometimes I was the mean person. Nobody is perfect. We do stuff that we don’t mean or do stuff without thinking or you don’t think how badly it could hurt someone else that they would want to take their own life. You can never fully understand what someone else is going through. How something so little could damage them and start this downward spiral that Hannah seemed to go through. Hannah had 13 reasons why she killed herself and she recorded them on tapes. Each tape was a person. A person that let her down in someway, shape, or form.

When I first starting watching I thought Hannah was being dramatic, but it was the things that people did to her that added up to her wanting to take her own life. People she once saw as friends. People she trusted. People who broke her heart. People who lied about her. She didn’t want to live with it anymore and if one person could of shown her that there was a point to living maybe she wouldn’t of taken her life. All it could of taken is one person to show her how much they cared about her. This series is breathtakingly real. It brings on real issues that teenagers deal with. Cyberbullying is a real thing. People need to think about their actions and how they can affect people.

This series also showed sexual assault and rape. It showed how someone so likeable like the character Bryce in the show could actually rape girls. How could the star athlete do something like that? The scene in episode 12 was hard to watch for me. Bryce rapes Hannah. He’s forceful with her and he thinks that just because she didn’t say no that he can have sex with her. You see her struggle. You see her want to fight. But then he is already having sex with her. Without her consent. You see her slowly start to give up. You see the life drain out of her. After she was raped she thinks about how her life got to this point. How could someone do this to her? She thinks about how someone she thought she could trust took a picture of her and sent it around the school. That when someone puts you on a list for “best ass”  that people now viewed her not as a person, but as an object. That guys thought it was okay to grab her ass. That this guy thought it was okay to have sex with her because she didn’t verbally say no. Sexual assault and rape are a big problem in the world and this series helps show the realness of the matter. How it can happen to anyone. That girls aren’t asking for it because the way they dress. That it happens. And that it is not okay. That this is a subject that should not be taken lightly.

If you ever feel like Hannah did or you feel like your life doesn’t mean anything please reach out to someone. In the series you could see how many people cared about Hannah, but she just didn’t know it or want to know it. Let someone know. Suicide lifeline number Click on this link and call this number. They will help you through it. You are worth so much more than you realize.





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