Do Sponsored Advertisements On Social Media Work?

Let’s face it. Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s about time companies embrace it and use it to their advantage. But do sponsored advertisements work? Do you noticed sponsored advertisements when scrolling through your social media pages? Even if you say you don’t–you kinda do. But how effective are they really? If you see a taco bell advertisement on your Instagram feed are you going to run to taco bell? Probably not. But maybe it will be in the back of your head and you will want to get taco bell in the next couple weeks. I’m not saying it’s just because you saw that sponsored advertisement, but it very well could be.

Last semester I did some research for a paper for one of my classes. I found some great information and research. However, I wish there has been more studies on the matter. Why do so many brands use sponsored advertisements if they don’t really work? I think having social media is important for brands. It’s how they use it is what matters most.

In my research I found that sponsored advertisements only work if the consumer likes the brand. If the consumer hates the brand and sees a sponsored advertisement in their newsfeed it won’t effect them at all. They won’t think twice about buying your brand, but if the consumer has a good relationship with your brand then the sponsored advertisement could be effective.

How do a brands have good relationships with its consumers? That’s a tough question. Social media can be THE way you have good relationships with your customers. You can interact with your customers in so many different ways through social media and there are so many different platforms to do so.

I’m interested in doing a lot more research in this area, but would love to hear opinions from other people. Let me know what you’ve found about social media and sponsored advertisements.


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