Opening Day As A Cleveland Indians Fan

If you’re not from Cleveland you don’t understand what it’s like to be a Cleveland sports fan. Year after year of misery from Cleveland sports teams, but last year that changed when the Cavs won the NBA championship and then the Indians made a run to the World Series against the best team in the league (Yes, I am going to say that because let’s be real the Cubs were) and went up 3-1 against them….and lost. We lost a 3-1 lead and yeah it sucked, but the fact that we were even at the World Series was incredible to me. We weren’t predicted to beat Boston if you remember, but somehow we ended up at the World Series? Weird, huh? Maybe that’s because we were actually a great team EVEN missing some of our best players due to injuries.

Enough about last year. Let’s talk about this year. The Indians are 3-3 right now. We swept Texas and then got swept by Arizona. Our home opener is today at 4:10pm. I was going to go to the game with my parents, but I have class at 6 and it’s not really acceptable to skip grad classes and the fact that my dad sold my ticket as well. I’ll be at enough games this year, but I’m still a little bummed. Opening day in Cleveland is the best. I mean it feels like Christmas to me, but maybe a little better.

This could very well be our year Cleveland. Although I can’t go to opening day I can still feel the excitement in this city. I love this city. What’s not to love about Cleveland. There’s so much hope and pride that comes from the fans here. We love it here. Even though the weather sometimes doesn’t love us as much. It’s home. There’s no where else I would of wanted to grow up. Cleveland, thank you for being you. And lets get opening day underway. Also, take note of the picture below of when I was little at Jacob’s Field!

LETS GO TRIBE. (Even Penguin my cat says to Rally Together!)



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