Last Month Of The Semester Tips

Ahhhhh how is it already April? We only have five weeks left of the semester including finals! How did this semester go by so fast? I am frantically trying to get my life together. I’m about to finish my second semester of grad school! It’s crazy. And then I only have one more year and I graduate with my master’s degree. The last month of the semester is always hard on everyone. Everyone wants to give up on the semester when theres only a month left, but I have some tips that can help with the horrible last month of the semester. I mean I did survive undergrad and now I am surviving (barely) grad school so I should have to have some good tips, right?


Tip #1

Stay ahead of the schedule. Finish your assignments way before the deadline so you can relax a little. If this means not working as much then so be it! School is more important right now. Staying ahead of the schedule is much better than waiting until last minute to turn your assignments in. Doing your assignments last minute can make them look like you did them last minute (Not good). That’s the last thing you want your professor to know. Doing them ahead of schedule also gives you time to proofread them several times before you turn them in. Do you know how many times you misspell stuff when you don’t proofread? Or in general have sentences that really don’t make sense at all. You must proofread! Don’t slack. Get it done properly and you will be thanking yourself you did when you get your grade back.

Tip #2

Try to not go out as much (which is super hard for me since baseball season started!!). I’ve been trying to get home on the weekends where I don’t wore so I’m not tempted to go out. But not going out as much helps you get homework and studying done.

Tip #3

Don’t stay up too late. This is one I am still perfecting, because I am the worst at staying up too late. Whether it’s binge watching my new favorite t.v show or doing homework I end up staying up until 1 or 2am, which in the morning I immediately regret it.

Tip #4

Make lists. I might not appear to be very organized, but I really am. I make lists for everything I do. I’m very  particular when it comes to certain things and I like to have a set schedule and with that schedule comes my list of things to do. It’s always a great feeling when you cross everything off of your list.

Tip #5

Take breaks. It’s hard to sit there and do your homework/studying for four hours. Take a break! Relax a little and then go back to your homework. Don’t take more than a 15-30 minute break or you won’t want to go back to doing your homework/studying.



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