My Jordan Year

Happy birthday to me! I’m officially 23 years old. How exciting! I feel very much like an adult. Like turning 22 wasn’t adult enough but now that I am turning 23 I feel very adult. I just finished my first year of graduate school. It was crazy and overwhelming, but I did it!  I celebrated my birthday on Saturday with my friends since my birthday was on a Tuesday and I had indians tickets on my actual birthday, duh! Saturday was a lot of fun. All my friends are amazing and I am so happy I have them by my side. Today was great too. I went out to lunch with my grandparents to the rail in North Olmsted. If you haven’t been I totally recommend going. I then went to the Indians game with my parents. Even though the Indians lost I still had a lot of fun. I love my tribe even when they lose.

I hope my Jordan year is filled with lots of amazing memories. I wish myself the best for this year and I’m exciting to see where I will be in a year from now (graduating with my masters degree?? Job in my field??). I hope I write in my blog more and read more books this year. Oh and attend many baseball games, but I think thats already a given. I do hope I can mark some stadiums off my bucket list this summer (Denver, St. Louis, Detroit, & Cincy). Let’s rock this year! (motivation for myself)

Here’s some pictures from my birthday celebrations:




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