Lo Takes Miami

Last Thursday I adventured from Cleveland to Orlando for a long weekend to visit my friend Jenna. It was nice to get away for the weekend. Especially because I just finished my first year of grad school and had to start my new adult job the following Tuesday. It’s now Thursday and I finished my first week at my adult job. I can’t stop calling it an adult job, because is is. I am no longer serving up froyo (sad face). I am currently watching the Cavs playoff game and sipping on some sangria. My kind of Thursday night. I couldn’t get myself to go out to a bar to watch the game. I am so tired. I tweeted earlier that I just need ONE full day of sleep and then I can be productive (probably not). I’m trying to be productive with this blog post.

MIAMI BABY. I don’t know how to describe Miami. I felt like I was in Barcelona again or something. It was weird. Not weird in a bad way. Just different than what I’m used to in Cleveland. I don’t think I would ever live there…well I wouldn’t actually. It was expensive and just not for me, but I’m happy I went. I had a lot of fun too. It’s a good place to visit, let me put it that way. I have to go back to go to the Marlins stadium. They were away the weekend I went of course.

Brickell —>

We stayed in downtown Miami. It was beautiful!! Our first night we went out to eat in this nice classy area. I loved this area–it’s called Brickell. If you’re ever in Miami I highly recommend going to this area. We watched the Cavs playoff game at dinner and then went to another bar to watch the rest of the game. After we did this we went to South beach. INTERESTING. It was $60 to get into this club. Yes, you read that right. WHY. That is crazy to me. This club was called story. It reminded my of this bar in Cleveland called Liquid, but bigger and more Miami style if ya know what I mean. We ended up having getting in for free and this guy ended up buying us a bottle. So we got in for free and drank for free. So that was nice. The same type of thing happened the next night too. We went to this club called the wall. It was behind the W hotel. I had a lot of fun at this club. We ended up getting into a table area and drank for free.

Miami —>

The place we stayed had an amazing pool area on the 12th floor that over looked Miami. I got very very burnt in very weird places. My entire body didn’t get burnt just certain areas. So I look very odd. Thank you Cleveland for never giving me any sun! It’s true. It’s been raining in Cleveland for the past three days and I have had enough! My body would like to see the sun once and awhile.

I only went to downtown Orlando my first night in Florida. That’s where my friend lives, but we took a mini road trip down to Miami. We were celebrating our birthdays and finishing our first year of grad school. I really would love to go back and visit her to go out around Orlando. From the little I saw of Orlando I really liked it. It was a city, but didn’t feel like it. It was so nice. Completely different vibe than Cleveland has. Overall it was a great trip! Thanks Orlando/Miami. I’ll be back soon hopefully.

Orlando —->



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