The Journey Of Traveling To All 30 MLB Fields: Cincinnati Reds

This weekend Amanda and I crossed off our 4th MLB stadium. We drove down to Cincinnati to The Great American Ballpark. It was a four hour drive but we stopped and stayed the night in Columbus at our friends place.

We would pick the day that it feels like 98 degrees out, but we somehow suffered through it. The reds played the dodgers (was actually my third time seeing the dodgers play this week since I saw them twice in Cleveland). Cincinnati is a beautiful city and their ballpark was really cool too. They had so many bars directly next to the stadium. We were going to go to Holy Grail Bar and Tavern, but we ended up at some german bar that I don’t remember the name of.  We were a little bit of a mess, but we still had a really great time. Amanda wore her Detroit jersey and I wore an indians hat to represent our teams even though they weren’t playing.

Our seats were called sundeck/moondeck seats because they are directly in the sun the entire game and lucky us the game started at 4:00 so we were in the sun the ENTIRE game. So yes I got a little burnt and it added to my already weird tan lines from Miami. However, we enjoyed the game even though it was crazy hot. I would recommend the seats we sat in. We were the 8th row up. The seats were good for only $30! I highly recommend going to this ballpark! I wish it wasn’t so hot and we weren’t so tired so we could of explored more, but overall I had a great time.


  • Get to the ballpark early.
  • Bring your own water and peanuts.
  • Go to Holy Grail Tavern or Tinroof before the game.
  • Walk around the whole ballpark to get a feel of it.



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