Book Review: Twilight

Ahhhh yeah apparently I am a little late on the Twilight saga, but hey better late than never huh? Well let me tell you I loved the first book! I’ve seen the movie of course. I mean who hasn’t seen at least the first one? I’m not sure what other ones I saw though. I think I saw the second one and when she had her vampire baby. Yeah I never jumped on the Twilight bandwagon even when the movies came out. However, the book was so so good! If you haven’t read this saga I really suggest that you do. I mean I’ve only read the first one so far, but I really enjoyed it.

So you see I tried to watched the movie after I read the book and it was SO hard. The book is just so much better. Don’t believe me? READ IT. Edward wasn’t as creepy and Bella actually has emotions. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Robbert Pattinson, but my god was he creepy in the movie. He is so much more seductive in the books. Don’t get me wrong the movie saga is still great. I just thought the book was so much better (aren’t they always). I’m excited to read the second book, but I’m taking a break by reading another book because I think that is logical. I’m reading #GIRLBOSS because I watched the Netflix series and loved every second of it. Don’t worry I will review that book as well.

My reviews are more like rants, but it’s my blog and I can review however I like! The book is so much more descriptive (obviously) but it helps the story make so much more sense. Like they didn’t actually fall in love 15 pages into the book like they did in the movie.

It’s the type of book where even though I knew what was going to happen since I saw the movie I had to keep reading until the end. I give the book a 9/10.




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