Making The Most Of Your Summer

Wow. Can you believe it’s already June 21st? I feel like I’ve done nothing so far. I mean I’ve barely written in my precious blog. Sorry guys. My 9-5 is kicking my A$$ right now. That 9-5 life just kinda sucks doesn’t it, but that’s a different blog post now isn’t it?

So far this summer I have went to Miami, Columbus, and Cincinnati. I know I know some people don’t get to go anywhere during their summer, but I feel like I’ve just been going to work then coming home to complain about how much I don’t want to work. Pathetic, huh? I’ve been binge watching scandal like it’s my job and trying to read some books in between. I signed up for a gym membership. Have I been once? Nope. Go me! Killing it this summer.

How do you stay motivated in the summer? I don’t have class right now. I have extra time that I usually don’t…and yet I just don’t want to do anything. When I get off work I just want to sit on my couch eat some popcorn and drink some wine. Tell me I’m not the only one. I want to go out and have fun, but then when I do I can barely get my eyes to open in the morning.

How do you make the most of your summer?

No seriously I’m asking….


Just kidding. I think I have a few ideas.

First and for most. If you’re young and dumb like me then just enjoy your summer. Drinking and going out is fun but so is having a glass of wine with your new favorite book you just picked up watching the sun go down. Enjoying the little things. It’s possible to do both. Some weekends just relax and enjoy your damn summer and other weekends go out and have a crazy a$$ night with your best friends.

Get stuff done. Take those 30 minutes to write a blog post (me right now). I’m drinking a beer and watching scandal while writing this. I really really try to blog everyday, but sometimes (most times) I just can’t. You can understand that can’t you? I hope!

What do I want to get accomplished this summer?

  • Read 20 books. So far I have twilight down and half of girl boss. I know I need to get a move on it.
  • Blog every other day?
  • Get a job/internship in my field.
  • Find a new apartment (CHECK I sign my lease on Friday!)
  • Visit my friend Libby (roadddtripppp!)
  • Spend valuable time with my family.
  • Have the time of my life.

Another ranting blog post by me. (The picture attached to this blog is the view from my room. Man I will miss it.)


xoxoxo lo



One thought on “Making The Most Of Your Summer

  1. Hi LAUREN~

    Just the fact that you ARE setting goals is great! It means that you want to accomplish SOMETHING this summer. Even if you fail to get to 20 books, look at how many you DID read!

    PS how do I change from Amy’s old email to mine?


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