Book Review: Girl Boss

I actually watched the Netflix original series first before I read this book. I loved loved loved the series on Netflix. Please stop what you are doing and watch it. SO good. If you’re 23 and have no clue what you’re doing with your life this is the show/book is for you. I guess I am just going to give a review on the show and the book because they are somewhat similar and I loved them both so why not. It’s my blog and I can blog how I want to…or something like that.

By the age of 22 Sophia Amoruso dropped out of college, was broke, had no plan, and no money. She didn’t want the adult life of a 9-5. She didn’t know what she wanted, but she knew college wasn’t for her. That’s when she started to selling clothes on eBay that turned into a massive business called Nasty Gal. While he path wasn’t easy and most of the time she didn’t know what she was doing. She even dumpster dived for left over bagels. She was determined and has been an utter success since.

The book/series reminded that it’s okay to not know what you’re doing. To not have a set plan. I have one more year of grad school and yet I still don’t really know what I am going to do. Everyday I have a better idea of what I want to do, but it’s hard. Being an adult is hard. Working 9-5 isn’t for everyone and neither is college. That’s what this book/series shows you. She doesn’t say that it’s easy or that she got all her success from not working hard, because she worked her ass off. Her book isn’t a self help guide to running a successful business, but how to learn from your mistakes. How to know when to break the rules and when not to. She’s upfront and honest. #GIRLBOSSES work hard for what they want. They call the shots. And they don’t let anyone tell them they can’t do something. They prove people wrong and they thrive to be in the 1%.

Go be a #GIRLBOSS.


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