The Journey Of Traveling To All 30 MLB Fields: Detroit Fail

Well on Thursday after I worked we drove to Detroit to spend the night at my friends families house because we were going to the Indians Vs. Detroit game on Friday night.  The one game where we actually BOTH get to see our teams and we paid big bucks for our tickets (because they were really good seats). We knew it was going to rain, but we didn’t know it was going to get rained out completely and postponed until September. I guess you can say that’s the type of luck we have. We didn’t even get to see the players warm up. We got into the stadium, bought a beer, and 15 minutes later the game was rained out. How disappointing. At least Detroit is only two hours away from Cleveland or else I would of been even more mad than I already am. Obviously we will be back in September because there is no way in hell that these tickets are going to waste. And I mean even though we got into the stadium we need to actually see the game to cross it off our bucket list. So we could say we have 5/30 stadiums down…but that is sorta a lie.

We went to Greektown which wasn’t too far from where the stadium is. We went to firebird which was a lot of fun. I recommend it. Theres a chill bar area on the first floor but then on the top there is basically a night club. It’s pretty cool. We also went to an Irish bar but I can’t remember it’s name and we went to a bar called poppys I believe. These were more relaxed sports bars, but still the same amount of fun. We also went to Walhburgers (they just opened one in Cleveland) and both Amanda and I ate two hamburgers. I think we were drunk and hungry and pissed that the game was rained out and had to eat away our sadness. From what I saw the stadium was cool. It reminded me of progressive field a little bit. I guess I can judge it harder since I get to go back there in two months. So of course I will make another blog about that trip.

Here’s some pictures from our fail:






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