Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!


I’m writing this as I sip on some delicious tea. I just got back from the Indians game. I went with my parents of course. In our season tickets seats. We lost:/. Just one of those games where we couldn’t hit! Kluber did an incredible job. He broke Bob Fellers record of 5 games in a row with 10+ strikeouts. Woo! Go Tribe! We also have FIVE indians players going to the all-star game. How exciting is that? However we played the Padres. Who if you don’t know aren’t the best right now.

I hope everyone had as great as a day that I did! Win or lose it’s always great to be at progressive field. We got to the game early to get the Lindor bobblehead. YAY! There was also fireworks after the game. They were incredible. I haven’t seen fireworks in awhile. I don’t think I saw them last year but who knows I don’t have a great memory. I’m not a huge fireworks person for some reason. Usually whenever the Indians have fireworks after the game I leave, but I felt like I was obligated to stay on July Fourth! And I was very happy that I did. The fireworks were great!


What did you do for July 4th?


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