How To Plan For A Road Trip

In a little over three weeks I will be going on a road trip with my friends. I’m so excited, but planning for a road trip can be stressful. My friends and I are going to St. Louis—> Kansas City—> Denver—-> Chicago—> Cleveland. Hopefully it all goes according to plan, but how do you plan for such a big trip?!

The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that you will have enough money. I took $300 out and put it in my secret hiding spot in my room to ensure that I wouldn’t spend it. I did this before we calculated that costs of everything just so I knew I had money out of my bank account because sometimes I swipe my card before I think about how much money I have in there.

The next thing to do is to plan out the costs of everything. My friends and I sat down and calculated the cost of gas the entire trip will take. Then we calculated the costs of everything we want to do. For example, the costs of the baseball game tickets, tourist things, and food. We have this number all calculated and I took out some more money to be sure I have more than enough money for the trip.

We then planned out our drive. It’s about 8.5 hours to get to St. Louis from Cleveland. So we’re going to stop in Indianapolis to get lunch/dinner since we’ve never been there. We looked up things to do there and there wasn’t much it looks like Cleveland. But I’ll let you know when I get there how it is of course! We planned out what were going to do each and everyday. That way we won’t waste anytime while we are there. My friend also wrote down all the directions on paper just incase our beautiful smart phones stop working.

Here are some must do’s when planning your ultimate road trip:

  • Make sure you have enough money! It won’t be fun if you don’t have money to do fun activities while everyone else can.
  • Take cash out for your road trip. Just in case something happens to your cards. And call you banks to let them know you will be traveling through different states so they don’t shut off your credit card.
  • Bring things to do in the car when you’re not driving. Such as a book and an awesome ass playlist to jam to. And don’t forget your car chargers!
  • Bring a cooler with food and drinks so you don’t have to stop and waste money on food constantly. Don’t forget to stop and get ice while you’re driving.
  • Double check that you have everything before you leave!! It’s always the worst when you forget something as small as a toothbrush. Which reminds me. Don’t forget to pack the small stuff! Toothbrush, hair brush, razor, soap, & shampoo.
  • Lastly have fun! Let loose and enjoy your road trip. You will be making memories to last a life time.

I’m sure I forgot some crucial stuff. Hey! Cut me some slack I haven’t actually went on my road trip yet. I’ll give an updated version when I do.

Can’t wait to road trip with my two best friends!

How do you plan for a road trip?


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