Grumpy’s Cafe: Tremont

I’ve been attempting to try new places lately in and around Cleveland. I’m moving to Lakewood this Saturday (very sad about it) and I will no longer have the downtown atmosphere that I’ve grown to love. Obviously Lakewood isn’t that far, but it just won’t be the same! Hopefully I will try a new place once a week and then I will fill you in on it. This is the plan at least. So follow my Cleveland journey!

Yesterday I went to get brunch with my friend Olivia. She’s moving to Australia in a couple of weeks and I am so very sad about it. Hopefully I can visit her during winter break.

Anyways we went to Tremont to Grumpy’s Cafe. They do stop serving breakfast at 11:30am which we didn’t know and is the reason we wanted to go here. However, they do have a small breakfast menu they serve until 3:00pm. We both got the grumpy’s special.

Two eggs, bacon, toast with cajun home fries. Then I added chocolate chip pancakes for
$3.25! All together I spent around $14. The cajun home fries were my favorite part about
the whole meal. They were delicious. I don’t like eggs…so I can’t really tell you about
them lol. I always attempt to like eggs, but I just really really don’t. Overall I had a good
experience and recommend going! Tremont has a lot of good restaurants to go to!

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