Unapologetic Me

I recently just changed my blog name from “Lo Blogs Life” to “Unapologetic Me”. I thought this really fits with what I am trying to accomplish on my blog and in life.

What does unapologetic mean? It means that you don’t acknowledge or express regret. It means you stand by your beliefs and you don’t need to apologize.  It’s a sense of strength and power. Why should you apologize for being you? Rihanna’s seventh studio album is called “Unapologetic”. If you know anything about Rihanna this title makes sense for her. Just like I want it to make sense for me.

Ever since I created this blog I’ve felt that people are going to judge me for what I post and what I say. Whatever I go through I blog it. What I like I blog it. When I have a rough day I blog it. When I have a good day I blog it. And I want people to read my blogs and understand that they aren’t the only ones out there that feel that way. I want people to relate to me. That’s what I changed my name to Unapologetic me. I’m sick of feeling as if I have to apologize for what I want to write about. To apologize for “annoying” people with my blog posts. I share them on my Twitter and Facebook page because I want people to read them. Of course I enjoy writing even if no one reads them, but my main goal of this blog is to have young or old people read them and feel like they aren’t alone.  Don’t feel like you need to EVER apologize for being you! Write what you want. Say what you want. Don’t be afraid of what people are going to say.

Be unapologetic. Be you. Be Fearlessly Authentic. 





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