Puente Viejo: Huron Road

I moved out of Cleveland this weekend and before I moved we were trying to try all the taco places in downtown Cleveland. We noticed this taco place awhile ago on our walk to barrio by East Fourth, but we just couldn’t get ourselves out of the routine of going to our beloved barrio.

However we finally tried it! It was an even closer walk from our old apartment than barrio was. The menu is a lot bigger here compared to barrio. Barrio is known for building your own taco. While my two friends got actual meals I decided to try their taco bar. You order your taco with what meat you want and if you either want a soft or hard shell. Then you pick what toppings you want at the taco bar. I picked two different sauces for my two tacos and I got one hard and one soft shell. I picked the medium verde sauce which is a green sauce and then I picked the hot sauce. Those were the only two options which was a little disappointing because I don’t really like verde sauce and then the hot sauce was too hot for me. They were still both really good! We also got guac for the table. The guac was BETTER than barrios. It was SOOOO good. The table also came with chips and salsa, which I actually liked better than barrios. I just got the house margarita. Megan got a martini/margarita drink and Abby got a frozen margarita. They were reasonably priced and delicious. Megan’s was a little strong…but it was a martini/margarita mix so I expected it to be.



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