Bakersfield Aperitivos: Indianapolis

Don’t mind me I’m writing this on my iPhone even though I brought my laptop with me I’m too lazy to go in the basement and get it. We went kayaking today and I am exhausted. We left for our two week roadtrip on Friday and we stopped in Indianapolis on our way to St. Louis to eat dinner. We didn’t stay in Indianapolis for more than two hours so I don’t have much to say about the city other than the fact that it reminded me of Philadelphia. We were going to eat at Bru Burger but the line was long so we landed on a taco place (no surprise)!

We ordered Queso and the table came with chips and salsa. The queso was really cheesy and thick. It was okay nothing too special. It was nothing like barrios queso which is always disappointing. I don’t know how barrio does it! I also didn’t really enjoy the salsa either. I’m not really sure how to explain it. It tasted like tomato paste to me and I don’t really like tomatoes soooooo yeah! The tacos weren’t that kid either. Even though they look delicious. I ordered the bistec and the short rib taco. I liked the bistec they were pretty good but I did NOT like the short run taco. It came with pickled onions (did not know I didn’t like them) they were disgusting! I only took one bite of it that’s how bad it was. The tacos were really small too for the price. They were $4 a taco. I’m not sure I would recommend this place as much as I love tacos. I didn’t have a chance to try their margaritas because we all had to drive. So if you any of you guys have a chance to go there try a marg for me that would be great!



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